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Typhoid Vaccine

Typhoid is an infection which can cause high temperatures, and diarrhoea. Book your typhoid vaccine today at PharmaVaccs.

Typhoid Vaccine Information

Vaccine Quick Information

When to get vaccinated:
If possible, you should get vaccinated two weeks before travel, however, if you are travelling sooner than this, you can get vaccinated, but fully immunity will not have developed. 
The typhoid vaccine will protect you for 3 years. 
One dose is required if a typhoid injection is given. However, if an oral typhoid vaccine is taken 3 doses is required. 
How is it given:
Typhoid injections are usually given in your upper arm. While Typhoid Oral vaccines are given orally as a tablet. However if the oral vaccine is given, please remember to not eat one hour before your appointment. 
Side effects:
Common side effects include soreness at the injection site, fever and digestive problems.
The vaccine is suitable for anyone over the age of 2. 
Additional precautions:
In addition to getting vaccinated you need to practise good food hygiene. 
Risk if you contract Typhoid:
Typhoid can show similar symptoms to food poisoning and untreated correctly can lead to death. 

One dose is required to provide 3 years protection.

£40 per dose
1 dose(s)
Total Cost

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection which can spread through contaminated food, water and faeces. It is more commonly found in places with poor contamination.

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