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Here you can find a full list of all destinations with the recommended vaccines. If you’re looking for a certain vaccine then try our vaccine finder instead.

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What Vaccinations Do I Need?

Vaccinations vary depending on the country you are visiting. Your travel agent should confirm any vaccines required while booking your holiday. However, if you forget or want to browse the required vaccinations, then you can always find your destination above to learn more about which treatments are required. You can always visit one of our clinics for more information from one of our experienced travel nurses.


How Soon Do I Need My Vaccines?

We recommend that you get your vaccines done 6 to 8 weeks before going on holiday as some vaccines take a few weeks to become active. Ideally, you should book your vaccinations as soon as possible to allow enough time for the vaccine to become effective.


How Much Do Vaccines Cost?

Vaccines can vary in price starting from as little as £35 and increasing depending on the rarity and how many vaccines you require. To view a full price list of our vaccines, visit our find a vaccine page.


How Many Doses Do I Need?

Some vaccines will require just a one-off jab, while others will require a series of jabs over a few weeks. To find how many doses you will need, learn more about the individual jabs here, or visit your local clinic for more information.


How Long Will An Appointment Take?

All appointments are scheduled for a 15-minute session, but most will be completed much faster than that. The length of your appointment will mainly depend on how many jabs you are receiving as more vaccines will take longer to complete.

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