Travel Vaccinations For Mexico

Recommended Vaccinations for Mexico

Here are all the reccomended travel vaccinations for Mexico:

Yellow Fever from £62 per dose

Yellow Fever is currently found in countries across Africa and South America, however, the vaccination may be required if you are travelling to other countries outside of these continents.

The list of countries for which vaccination is required is constantly changing and your pharmacist will use up to date information to advise you on the requirement of the country. 

Certain countries require a Yellow Fever certificate, also known as the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP), which your pharmacist will provide you when you are vaccinated. The certificate becomes valid 10 days after you have had your vaccination. 

If however, you require an exemption certificate, please speak to your pharmacist regarding this. 



Yellow Fever
£62 per dose
1 dose(s)
Total Cost

Situational Vaccinations for Mexico

Whether you will need any of the vaccines in this section depends on the region you're travelling to, the activities you have planned and your medical history.

Typhoid from £40 per dose

Typhoid is an infection that can be found in countries across South Asia including, India, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan.

Typhoid fever is a very serious and life-threatening infection that can have fatal consequences if left untreated. The best way to protect yourself from this type of infection is with the appropriate vaccine before setting off on your travels.

Symptoms of the infection include headaches, high fever, constipation, dizziness and tiredness. These symptoms can occur anytime after 3 days of being infected.

The Typhoid vaccine can be taken orally or through an injection. Contact us to find out the availability of your preferred vaccine.

£40 per dose
1 dose(s)
Total Cost

Why do I need a consultation?

It is difficult to say which vaccines you need without asking a medical professional. Your itinerary, your medical history and the activities you have planned all affect which vaccinations you need. It is important that a trained travel nurse or pharmacist checks what you need.

Exactly the travel vaccinations you need - no more, no less.

During your consultation, our nurse or pharmacist will talk you through the health risks at your travel destinations to check which vaccines you need. If a vaccine is not essential, we will explain your options so you can decide whether you would like to have it.

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