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Travel Vaccinations Vietnam

Known for its incredible beaches, rivers and bustling cities, Vietnam is home to over 95 million people. With its warm climate and sunny weather, the country attracts over 280,000 British tourists every year to experience the markets, scenery and traditions.

With lots of sights to see in Vietnam, tourists can often be distracted from the dangers while visiting. In such a hot climate, there are plenty of infections and diseases not commonly found in the UK. Ensuring you understand the potential risks before visiting Vietnam is crucial.

Before you set off on your journey to Vietnam, checking you have all the required travel vaccines is essential to ensure you don’t contract any diseases abroad. Even if you’ve had vaccines in the past, some require topping up in order to get the best benefit from them.

Not sure if you need travel vaccinations for Vietnam? Here are the main points you should consider before heading off.

Do I Need Injections For Vietnam?

Vietnam has many serious diseases, but most have very effective vaccines that can stop them from becoming a problem. Depending on how long you are staying in Vietnam and what you’ll be doing will determine which vaccines you should get. Even if you’re only planning on going for a week, there are still some vaccines that are recommended.

If you don’t get the right injections, then you put yourself at risk of contracting unwanted diseases that could ruin your trip. Vaccines are a safe and effective way to expose your body to dead or inactive diseases so that your body can build up a resistance against them. Without the correct vaccine, your body will have no defences against these diseases.

Considering the number of diseases and infections found in Vietnam that aren’t commonly found in the UK, ensuring your travel vaccines are up to date is essential.

Common Diseases in Vietnam

When visiting Vietnam, there is a range of diseases that travellers and tourists can be exposed to depending on the regions they visit. Many less economically developed areas can have poor hygiene, which significantly increases the chances of catching diseases.

There are many common diseases in Vietnam, with most of them being spread through poor sanitation and being around people with poor personal hygiene.


Rabies is a common disease found in many animals in Vietnam. Although the chances of catching it are very slim, there are still some precautions you should take. This includes avoiding contact with animals, especially dogs and cats who could pass it on via a scratch or lick. Even if you’ve had a vaccine and get bitten, you should still seek medical help.

Japanese Encephalitis

Due to mosquitos being present in Vietnam, Japanese Encephalitis is another common disease that is spread through the bite of a mosquito. The risk of Japanese Encephalitis is highest for those who stay in rural areas and don’t practice mosquito bite prevention. We recommend using body repellent to significantly decrease the chances of being bitten by mosquitoes.

Malaria In Vietnam

Due to the warm climate in Vietnam, there are plenty of mosquitoes around the country, especially in rural areas. These mosquitoes can carry various diseases with them, which are often transferred during their bites. As mentioned above, one of the most common diseases from mosquito bites is Japanese Encephalitis, while the other is Malaria.

Mosquitoes love to breed in rice fields (also known as rice paddies or paddy fields) which are found in rural areas outside of the cities. If you’re planning on visiting any rice fields or walking through the countryside, then using insect repellent is a must. As there is currently no effective Malaria vaccine, ensuring you use a range of bite prevention methods during your visit is essential to avoid contracting diseases.

Recommended Vaccinations for Vietnam

Here are all the reccomended travel vaccinations for Vietnam:

Chickenpox from £70 per dose

Chickenpox is a common viral illness that can be found all over the world.

Commonly seen in young children, in most cases, Chickenpox is not dangerous but can still have unpleasant effects on the body such as itching, high fevers and large red spots that leave scars. Most people will catch Chickenpox during their childhood, but it is still possible to get it as an adult as well.

Our Chickenpox vaccine is currently available for anyone over the age of 1 and is recommended for anyone who hasn’t had Chickenpox yet. The vaccine is administered via injection on the upper arm.

The Chicken pox vaccination can be given to people who may have been exposed to the virus, this will either prevent the illness or reduce the servereness of the symptoms.

£70 per dose
2 dose(s)
Total Cost

Situational Vaccinations for Vietnam

Whether you will need any of the vaccines in this section depends on the region you're travelling to, the activities you have planned and your medical history.

Yellow Fever from £70 per dose

Yellow Fever is currently found in countries across Africa and South America, however, the vaccination may be required if you are travelling to other countries outside of these continents.

The list of countries for which vaccination is required is constantly changing and your pharmacist will use up to date information to advise you on the requirement of the country. 

Certain countries require a Yellow Fever certificate, also known as the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP), which your pharmacist will provide you when you are vaccinated. The certificate becomes valid 10 days after you have had your vaccination. 

If however, you require an exemption certificate, please speak to your pharmacist regarding this. 



Yellow Fever
£70 per dose
1 dose(s)
Total Cost

Why do I need a consultation?

It is difficult to say which vaccines you need without asking a medical professional. Your itinerary, your medical history and the activities you have planned all affect which vaccinations you need. It is important that a trained travel nurse or pharmacist checks what you need.

Exactly the travel vaccinations you need - no more, no less.

During your consultation, our nurse or pharmacist will talk you through the health risks at your travel destinations to check which vaccines you need. If a vaccine is not essential, we will explain your options so you can decide whether you would like to have it.

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