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HPV Vaccine

HPV is a common disease that mostly affects young adults. Book your HPV vaccine today with PharmaVaccs.

HPV vaccine Vaccine Information

Vaccine Quick Information

No further doses are required after the initial course is complete. 
There are two schedules:
Two doses usually given 6-12 months after the first dose.
Three doses. The second dose is given 4 weeks after the first doses. Third dose is 4-6 months after. This is the current recommended programme. 
How is it given:
The vaccine is usually given in your upper arm.
Side effects:
Common side effects include soreness at the injection site, headache, fever, tiredness and digestive problems.
Suitable for anyone in between the age of 9-45. 
HPV vaccine

The HPV vaccine protects against several strains of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which can cause cervical cancer in women, anal and penile cancer in men and in genital warts in both sexes.

£150 per dose
2 dose(s)
Total Cost

HPV is the name given to a very common group of viruses.

There are many types of HPV, some of which are called "high risk" because they're linked to the development of cancers, such as cervical cancer, anal cancer, genital cancers, and cancers of the head and neck.

Other types can cause conditions like warts or verrucas.

High risk types of HPV can be found in more than 99% of cervical cancers.

There is also a significant association between HPV and some of the anal and genital cancers, and cancers of the head and neck.

HPV infections do not usually cause any symptoms, and most people will not know they're infected.

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