How To Deal With Mosquitoes In Mexico

Mosquitoes can be found on almost every continent on Earth, with higher populations found in warmer and humid climates where they can breed much faster.

These midge-like flies primarily feed on nectar from flowers but the females require nutrients from animals and humans to produce eggs. This means the female’s mouths can penetrate the skin and draw blood from the hosts which often leads to the contraction of various diseases and infections.

By using their antenna, females can suitable hosts to drink from and use a range of factors when determining who is suitable. This includes factors such as blood type, bacteria on the skin and your overall smell.

Once the female bites a host, there is a high chance they can pass on other diseases obtained from other hosts. These diseases, including things such as malaria, yellow fever and the zika virus.

If you’re planning on travelling to Mexico soon, then you need to be prepared for mosquitoes. Without the proper protection and planning, you could end up catching some nasty infections that could leave you hospitalised.

To make sure your holiday in Mexico isn’t ruined, we’ve compiled a helpful guide on how to deal with mosquitoes in Mexico. From what you need to pack to what areas you should avoid, here’s everything you need to know about mosquitoes in Mexico.

Mexico Mosquitoes Season

mosquitoes season mexico

Mosquitoes in Mexico are most commonly found during the mosquito season that runs from April to November. Areas in the south of Mexico such as Chiapas, Tabasco and Yucatan often experience more mosquitoes in this period than areas further north.

Once late autumn starts, the numbers of mosquitoes start to die off quickly but don’t all vanish. This means if you are concerned about getting bit while on your holiday, it’s least likely to happen while visiting in winter when the numbers are lower.

However, it’s perfectly safe to visit Mexico at any time of the year. Some months just require more mosquito protection than others. To ensure you stay safe from mosquitoes while visiting Mexico, here are some of the most popular and effective avoidance techniques on the market.

Dealing With Mosquitoes In Mexico

If you really want to avoid mosquitoes, then you shouldn’t visit Mexico at all. However, since that’s not exactly a helpful answer for most people, there are plenty of mosquito avoidance methods out there.

Mosquito Repellent

One of the most popular ways to deal with mosquitoes in Mexico is to use mosquito repellent while you are out and about. These repellents contain active ingredients such as DEET or natural oils that help repel mosquitoes thanks to their smell.

Since most female mosquitoes dislike the small created by these repellents, they will avoid you, leave you alone to explore Mexico. These repellents last various lengths from 1 hour to 12 hours depending on the concertation. This means you might have to reapply the repellent multiple times throughout the day, depending on which strength you get.

Bed Nets

When going to bed, the last thing you want to worry about is being bitten by a mosquito. Luckily, there is a simple solution that will keep mosquitos at bay while you’re sleeping. Known as bed nets, these nets are placed around your bed to stop any mosquitoes from getting to you.

Not only are they inexpensive compared to other methods (such as repellent), but they are also easy to install and very effective. During the day they can be folded back, so they don’t get in the way.

Window & Door Nets

During the day when you’re not in bed, you can use the same strategy of netting on your doors and windows. By installing window and door nets, you can guard your home from adventurous mosquitoes without having to shut all the windows and doors.

Similar to how the bed nets work, these nets are installed over doors and windows to keep mosquitoes out but allow fresh air to flow in. This is especially helpful in the warmer months as you can have both the bed nets and window nets for maximum protection.


For extra mosquito protection, many residents in Mexico love to burn “citronela” candles that emit a scent designed to scare off mosquitoes. Similar to the body repellent, these candles are perfect for outdoor evening parties and gatherings. Not only do they provide light, but they also help fend off pesky mosquitoes.

Stay Protected From Mosquitoes

Although there are various mosquito prevention strategies, there is still a high chance that you will get bitten at some point. Whether it’s while you sleep, or while you’re out exploring, if you want to avoid falling ill while in Mexico, then you need the correct Mexico vaccinations.

With so many deadly diseases you could catch in Mexico such as Malaria, Yellow Fever and Typhoid, it’s better to be safe than sorry. By getting the correct travel vaccines, you won’t risk spending your holiday in the hospital recovering from a nasty illness.